Collaborative Intelligence

Scott Rafer’s talk at AC2005 can be summarised as: “Collaborative Intelligence will prevail over Artificial Intelligence.”

New online social applications, specifically blogging, tagging, and social networks, are lining up to provide an astonishing improvement in how the Internet provides information to you and me. The services well have by 2008 will make todays best pale in comparison and Im thrilled with the whats available so far. The improvement is the result of aggregating the online gestures of millions of broadband humans in very simple ways. For instance, Im a habituall reader of Delicious Popular. Certainly, all the technology links which flow through it are helpful professionally, but that doesnt involve me emotionally. Its times like today when the most beautiful things appear which addict me at a far deeper level.

For Wireless Ink, its the gestures of mobile web users. Dave and I think that we can make the mobile web transparent to broadband Internet users in ways it never has been and needs to be. At Delight, its the gestures of women, assembled in savvier ways than Ive seen elsewhere. The Collaborative Intelligence of mobile web users and women will teach us all a lot.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.