Who owns the Wisdom of the Crowd?

Jeff Jarvis answers: “The Crowd.”

So who owns that collected wisdom of the crowd? Id say the crowd does. Others merely borrow it if they continue to have the trust of the crowd and if they pay dividends back to that crowd. And if those others try too hard to control that wisdom, to limit its use and the sharing of it, then they not only reduce the value of it under the theory (and its still a theory) that a smaller crowd is less wise but they also risk turning away the crowd that creates this value.

I believe we start with the notions that:
* We all want to control our contributions.
* We all want the community to benefit if we in turn benefit.
* We expect mutual trust in the forms of transparency and honesty
* And we all individual, collective, enabler find uncivil behavior (spam, fraud, hate) unacceptable.

But theres one more fundamental notion that informs this new society, a notion that big companies and institutions invariably forget because they were build in the old order:

This is no longer a centralized world, a world controlled by those institutions. This is a decentralized world, a world controlled by us.

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Rajesh Jain

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