Where’s the Ambition?

That is a question asked by Russell Beattie.

All these startups in my feeds lately are killing me! There are tons of them, but none seem to be doing anything particularly special. I mean, its nice that theres a sort of rebirth of small startups, but theres absolutely no sort of wow factor that Ive seen. And no, this isnt an anti-Web 2.0 style backlash: I really believe in the idea of the web as a platform. Amazon and eBays web services are perfect examples of platforms which have created huge value for both companies, as well as the developers using their APIs. Thats not the problem. Its all these Flickr-wannabes, flip-it-quick companies that are bugging me.

It just seems that no one is trying to change the world any more. No one is aiming to create insanely great products or do the impossible. Why not? Why are so many people grasping at the low-hanging fruit, when theres so much more goodness for everyone if they just stretched a little higher?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.