Mobiles for All

MSNBC has a story from Business Week:

There are now about 2 billion mobile-phone users in the world, and market penetration is above 50% in advanced countries. But as prices for phones and service drop, another billion customers could sign up by 2010 from places such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia. “All the growth in subscribers is coming from emerging markets,” says David Taylor, Motorola’s director of strategy and operations for high-growth markets. Researchers predict that of the 1 billion cell phones expected to be sold in 2010, half will be in developing economies. Most will cost less than $40 — still out of reach for the poorest one-third of the world’s population but affordable for the middle third. “This market is wicked big,” says senior analyst John Jackson of telecom researcher Yankee Group Research Inc. in Boston.

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