Filters, Agents and Aggregators

Russell Beattie writes:

I was wondering if anyone has done a mashup of an RSS News Aggregator and a SpamAssassin like filtering algorithm yet? For two reasons. First would be for referrer links to filter out splogs so I only see real referrers from real blogs. As a person, you quickly get a pretty good idea of the domains that are real blogs, and which are, no? Itd be nice if my news aggregator (Ive been using NetNewsWire lately) would grey-out the junk for me.

On the flip side of this, it be great if I was accessing my RSS news via my mobile phone if only the stuff that is most likely interesting to me showed up. Or if I was using my desktop, the stuff that I thought was great (because I trained a filter with my clicks) would be highlighted or moved to the top of the list, so I read that stuff first. And conversely, the stuff that I rarely if ever click on would float down to the bottom of the order where I dont have to worry about it unless Im really bored. Since I interact with my aggregator quite a bit – choosing which subfolders to read in which order, clicking through to both articles and to links in those articles, etc. it seems like a no brainer to funnel that stuff through a proxy to train a filter, no?

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