eCommerce 3.0

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Now that it has taken the Internet search market by storm, Google is heading toward capturing the next e-commerce paradigmusing search to buy anything from anyone, anywhere, Safa Rashtchy, senior research analyst at investment firm Piper Jaffray & Co., tells Google will be a Craigslist on steroidsa very potent and dangerous challenge to where eBay wants to go, Rashtchy says.

While eBay has brought millions into online commerce, it is still too complicated for sellers who balk at the listing process and for buyers who dont want purchase from someone located far away, he adds.

Craigslist Inc.s has pioneered a new form of e-commerce, which Rashtchy and others call e-commerce 3.0, that connects consumers with sellers of products and services in local communities.

E-commerce 1.0 was defined by early efforts by dot-coms at excessive branding and advertising, but without a sustainable platform or customer base, Rashtchy says. E-commerce 2.0 debuted with the advent of Internet search, which provided the necessary connection between e-retailers and large volumes of consumers, and 3.0 will take that to a local level.

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