Microsoft Moves Beyond the PC

The Economist writes:

Microsoft has been trying for years to move beyond the PC, and into other devices such as mobile phones, television set-top boxes and games consoles. The big ber-strategy that this falls under relates to what’s happening in the home, says Robbie Bach, Microsoft’s chief Xbox officer and head of a newly formed business unit that brings together Microsoft’s gaming, mobile and TV divisions. We identified many years ago that the digital revolution was going to have a big impact, and we see a big opportunity there, he says. As all these other electronic devices increasingly resemble computers, they offer Microsoft new opportunities to sell software. Just as importantly, they offer new avenues for growth: sales of non-PC devices are growing much faster than sales of PCs. Microsoft wants the next 30 years to be as successful as the last 30 years, so we have to continually find new market opportunities, says Christine Heckart of Microsoft’s TV division.

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