Business Today on Emergic Ecosystem

The latest issue of Business Today (Westbridge team on cover) has a one-page write-up on the Emergic Ecosystem (page 28). I declined to be interviewed for the story, so the article uses material from the blog. Here is how the article starts off:

Rajesh Jain’s Ecosystem
The entrepreneur is tech’s weathervane

One way to find out which way technology is headed is to keep an eye on Rajesh Jain. The man has been there (ahead of time, actually), done that. He built a cluster of sites, such as, and in the very early days of the internet (1994) and sold them to Sify for $115 million (Rs.499 crore at the then exchange rate) in 1999. Jain hasn’t been sitting back and taking it easy since (although he has managed to keep a low profile). He has been ideating, investing and launching new ventures.

Today, there are seven such, each of which is a bet on tech’s next big thing. Jain likes to call this the Emergic ecosystem. Emergic is the man’s term for disruptive innovations in computing that can bridge the digital divide.

My reason for not speaking to the media is simple. I have little else to say other than what is already there on the blog. I also prefer to let actions speak. We are at the early stage of building tomorrow’s world. All I can do is talk vision right now – which is all there on the blog in my Tech Talks.

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