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The December issue of Esther Dyson’s Release 1.0 is on When 2.0. “Time is all we’ve got. Our challenge is allocating that time, intersecting our time with that of others, managing the disposition over time of the resources we control. Time itself is abstract, but it takes on value as a measure of unique, un-tradable things: Juan’s presence, the use of Alice’s spare apartment, the time of a particular doctor or the attention of a specific audience. But computers know nothing of this, even though time is intrinsic to their operation and they can measure it with precision. They don’t understand how people value time, nor how time changes value – both its own value, and the value of the things it measures. Now at last we’re getting better tools to help us manage and allocate our valuable time.”

It also has a write-up on Seraja (which I have co-founded with Ramesh Jain, with Arun Katiyar as CEO).

So far, [Ramesh] Jain points out, most calendars are devoted to planning.He wants to use the calendar as a high-level index and create something he compares to Pensieve in the Harry Potter books: You take out someones memory, put it into Pensieve and everyone can share it.

The idea is to index and display content by time and place i.e. to index events.And then heres the magic EventWeb will process the content it finds or gets from users using the sorts of pattern- and object-recognition tools that characterize much of Jains previous work.What makes it interesting is that it will can process video objects as well as text-based event information. The service relies on indexing, classification and recognition algorithms. . .and people. As a service, it will both host its own content and object recognition, annotation and editing tools, and let users use the tools to manage and host both shared and their own content, with links to EventWeb. Imagine Wikipedia-style collaboration to generate metadata for any event-related content anyone can find.

I was delighted to see my name in Release 1.0. Its one of my favourite publications and a must-read for anyone interested in knowing future trends in technology. Well worth the subscription.

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