China’s Utility Providers

[via Smart Mobs] From Govtech: “In the next 10 years,China is expected to build more than 70 million new homes in what observers are calling an unprecedented housing boom in the country. This year alone,Shanghai will build towers with more living and working space than there is in all the towers in New York City.Expecting that many of these new homes and offices will want to incorporate the latest technologies,Holley Metering Ltd.,China’s largest meter manufacturer,is now rolling out a new wireless automated meter reading (AMR) system for the country’s public utilities.Based on Ember Corporation’s ZigBee technology,the new AMR system will potentially save China’s utility providers millions of Yuan and improve service delivery by eliminating the need to manually read meters at homeowners’ premises.Instead, utility companies will achieve greater efficiency with fewer errors by remotely monitoring a residence’s electric,gas and water usage.”

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