Google PC?

Dan Farber discusses some of the buzz surrounding Google’s rumoured plans to launch a $100-200 PC of its own:

There’s no reason why Google can’t build and brand a $100 to $200 PC, but does the company that wants to organize the world’s information want to go beyond its search enterprise appliance hardware at this point. Is the prospect of supplying the worldespecially the developing economieswith Google hardware, and extending its footprint with more than bits, worth the hassle of being in the mass market hardware business, which is different from the beta Internet services business?

Doesn’t Google have enough to do improving its software services without expanding in yet another direction, or is growing more tentacles the order of the day. Clearly, Google could outsource most of the work and use partners like Wal-Mart to do heavy lifting. Hardware works for companies like Dell and Apple, why not Google. It has the money and headcount to invest in quality assurance and support services for a consumer hardware device, and the idea of booting up, to use an old term, your Google machine has to have a nice ring. Maybe Sun can lend a hand with Google’s effort, or perhaps the Googlers are acting as more than just a sponsor for the $100 PC that MIT is promoting.

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Rajesh Jain

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