Mobile Computing in 2006

AWright writes, among his 10 predictions:

1. AJAX will change the way developers look at making web applications.
Now, if you are not a website or application developer, you might not have heard the term AJAX before. But, if you have ever used Google Maps, Amazon’s service, or even Yahoo’s Mail Beta, then you have a good idea of what it is. What it means for the mobile landscape is that the move from applications being stored on our PDAs and laptop hard drives is coming to an end for some applications. With AJAX, the ability will be for applications to be fully run from a browser, but there will not be a need to have a large app to load, or even long load times. Look for more of these types of applications, especially in the office products area. And watch how many will quickly add support for mobile devices (if you think Google Mail doing mobile devices was kool, just wait).

9. There will be at least one attempt to make a mini-notebook/large PDA device that docks to become a full-fledged computer.
While this is something that I am personally wanting to see and do with my Treo 650 (as much of what I can do I really do on there), 2006 will see this device not only come out to some fanfare, but that device will see some success in vertical and education markets. The key will be making sure that the device hasn’t any compromises as compared to a similarly priced laptop or desktop, and that device and informational security are a large part of the platform. But I do think that this device is well overdue, and we should see at least one, possibly two. OQO has started down this path, hopefully they can continue to push this market further.

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