2006 Trends

ContentSutra quotes from a story in The Financial Express:

Expect laptops costing Rs 5,000 ($110) and race for cellphones with a price tag of Rs 1,000 ($22) to begin. A hand-cranked laptop that will cost roughly $100 is expected to be in the hands of schoolchildren in poorer countries by late 2006. The idea is to get the cost of a basic computer down to $100 by a combination of clever design and bulk manufacturing (minimum order is likely to be about one million units).

The rapid diffusion of broadband and digital technology in television networks is highly accelerating this process and is leading to the development of new content delivery infrastructures (internet, UMTS, MMS, MP3, VOD, DSL, WiFi/WiMax, digital cable) as well as new multi-channel access tools available to the end consumer. Not many analysts are yet betting on many watching TV on mobiles, even though 3G is on its way.

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