What’s Hot in India

Vineet Buch (whom I met recently) of BlueRun Ventures visited India. Here are some of his thoughts:

* Consumer Internet: Internet and PC penetration remains low in India, but growth rates are encouraging.
* Mobile Value Added Services: Value-added services (VAS), such as ringtones and ringback tones, are big sources of revenue to Indian wireless carriers.
* Component Manufacturers for ODMs/OEMs: India is (finally!) getting significant high-tech manufacturing investment from big players like Nokia, Foxconn, and AMD.
* Fabless Semiconductor Companies: Big companies like TI and Intel have nurtured a technical talent pool in India in their 15+ years of local operation.
* Clean Technology: India’s growing hunger for energy, its problems with pollution and waste management, and the domestic research base in electrochemistry, photovoltaics and efficient power generation provide fertile soil for clean technology startups.
* Software: The staple of the Indian tech boom. My bet is that as the large number of relatively undifferentiated offshore development companies consolidate, among the survivors will be companies that translate market knowledge gained by working with their customers into software products or services that can form the foundation of a scalable business.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.