Internet TV

The Washington Post writes:

The unmistakable theme [at CES] was how video is moving over the Internet onto home televisions and mobile devices in ways that will finally allow consumers to talk back to their TVs, much as they have been interacting with Web sites for the past decade.

It wasn’t just about time-shifting TV or watching shows on mobile devices, though both were prominently on display. A newer technology known as Internet protocol TV — IPTV for short — also made a stir by blending those capabilities while trying to remake regular TV shows into something more dynamic and personal.

Basically, IPTV allows multiple layers of video, pictures and text to be mixed with video feeds in ways viewers can control with their remotes. It’s the old interactive TV vision — point your remote at an actress on screen and up comes her name, prior credits and perhaps a “buy me” button for her blue sequined dress.

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