’s AppExchange

Forbes writes about the new service from which is “a system that allows the company to host and exchange applications developed by third parties.”

AppExchange functions much as eBay’s site, which allows third parties to buy and sell items. For now, those applications revolve around the CRM space, but the system could easily be expanded to include offerings for non-CRM applications. would then become a kind of clearinghouse and development center for many different kinds of applications developed by many different kinds of companies. It’s a strategy that could carry big rewards, but it is also risky.

WSJ adds: says it has now attracted more than 150 applications that will be sold or offered free of charge by partners on its new online marketplace.

Some of the new services were created by software developers, and some by customers that had originally developed offerings for their internal use. Others were created by programmers.

“It’s like an iTunes Music Store of enterprise applications,” says Marc Benioff, the company’s chief executive.

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