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WSJ writes:

The Web site lets users submit links to stories they recommend, along with brief summaries. Users also vote for submissions by clicking on a button labeled “digg it.” Each person can vote once per story. The most popular stories — determined by a formula the site doesn’t disclose, including factors like the number of votes received and the time of day — are automatically promoted to the site’s main page.

The items on tend to be a mix of uber-geek and offbeat, such as a Web tutorial titled “How to Set Up Database Replication in MySQL,” or a link to a harpsichord built out of Lego pieces. Also, stories are ranked on the home page based on how recently they were promoted, rather than their significance. On the day of Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs’s presentation at the Macworld conference last week, the stories on the subject — which had more than a thousand votes — were quickly topped on Digg by unrelated stories with just a few dozen votes.

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