The All in One Phone Concept writes about a concept envisioned by designer Dima Komissarov:

The device in size of a credit card 54×85,6 mm will replace all those. Moreover it can work as:

— Video phone. Before making a call you can choose an operator of a mobile communication.

— All credit and discount cards that you have. The built in program will prompt an optimum variant for discounts at the given payment place.

— A remote control for any device. It can simultaneously display a teleschedule and recommendations of your favourite site.

— Keys from doors of houses and cars you have an authorization to.

— GPS-system that can automatically upload aerial photos from the Internet.

— Library, video- and music shop. You can read, listen to and watch all that at your choice. Go to a public online library or buy all that you want in any shop of the world.

— Gaming device with support of network gaming (remember that you have a GPS and the virtual reality becomes quite real).

— Even your computer that works with any operational system that is being uploaded through the Internet.

— For any actions connected with safety (payment, opening of a door, …) the device authorizes you by reading your fingerprints.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.