My Views on India-China Comparison

I gave a talk recently at the Economic Times Knowledge Forum in Mumbai. Matt McGee captured part of what I had to say:

Rajesh Jain, managing director of Netcore, told the audience that although India describes itself as an IT nation, in comparison with China it is lagging in the computerisation stakes.

Jain said that although there are 40 million infoworkers here in India, only one million have broadband connections. And while there are 130 million Internet users in China with broadband, India only has one million broadband connections. Part of the problem is to do with infrastructure, said Jain, and another problem was the high cost of computing in India.

Much cheaper broadband connections and much cheaper computers were needed urgently to address the gap, he said. On a visit to China hed noticed that high speed connections were everywhere. Kids in Internet cafes were using avatar-style instant messaging, online games, and watching TV and movies on their computers.

While Oracle and Sun never managed to make much of a dent in the market with their thin client offerings ten years or so ago, the difference now is that there is broadband, which can turn a slim device like the reference platforms Via is creating into a very powerful machine, he said. The hunger for computing needs to be satisfied quickly.

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