Content’s Kingdom

Broadband Directions discuss three inter-related questions:

– Where’s consumer behavior heading?
– What business models and content will work best?
– What technologies will win?

An excerpt from the discussion on the third question: “I continue to believe that for new video distribution technologies to succeed, they need to be finely focused on optimizing one particular user experience and content business model. Once a foothold has been established, this can be used to grow into other areas. A great example is how Apple optimized the iPod for music, and then with this success, expanded to support video. At least for now, buyers don’t regard iPod’s video capability as their primary purchase criterion, rather they look at it as an incremental feature to the music capability. Further, Apple’s business model for video is paid downloads, just like music. However, it is likely that we’ll see other business models evolve from Apple, leveraging the success of paid downloads.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.