Web 2.0 and the Enterprise

Dion Hinchcliffe writes:

Enterprises are often struggling just to maintain the massive IT infrastructures they have now, never mind that user needs and expectations are evolving at a faster pace than ever. Something has to give. Fortunately, the greater Web has had to deal with these exact same forces and the huge public stage has forced the invention of a new generation of techniques and ideas to not only take advantage of all this interconnectedness but provide nimble, lightweight ways to build and evolve systems that can actually keep up with the pace of social, business, and technological change. Call this Web 2.0 or something else, but it should be very worrisome for anyone with a traditional IT infrastructure. You cannot throw away what you have and you need to somehow embrace this new world and deliver value to your users. There badly needs to be a bridge built between these two realities.

Part of what Microsoft and many others are doing is realizing that simplicity is back in vogue, and so is the user experience. Managing attention, or lack thereof, has become critical. Finding ways to navigate our way through the onslaught of content we’re now subjected to has become a growth industry on the Web. And inside the firewall for that matter. And forget trying to keep your old-world software updated, patched, and your data and media precariously synchronized between your home, work, and family IT systems. We actually have solutions for these now, but they’re coming from the new models of software on the Web: Robust, online software and social systems that use mass intelligence and trust to filter informatio. And there are frictionless tools to glue together and bind the together information we need, just when we need it. Solutions abound but adoption and transition will be hard for some.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.