Slaves to Technology?

Jeremy Wagstaff offers “a cautionary tale about technology that includes an angry reader, my friend Guy and a lunchtime appointment that went askew.” He concludes:

Technology hasn’t just messed up our heads, it’s messed up our attitude to life. Before PDAs, we would have had our diaries on our desks in front of us, which we would have perused before the day started, building a mental picture of the day. Our lunch appointment would have been scrawled in around the midday mark, probably spilling over into other time slots and making the day feel full without being bloated. Now, with Microsoft Outlook and its ilk, we feel compelled to fill our electronic diaries to ensure our days not only feel full, but appear full in software terms.

Not just that. We have also become slaves to the alarm. We outsource our memories. We don’t memorize appointments because we believe our PDAs, laptops and whatnots are doing it for us.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.