TECH TALK: DEMO 2006: Attention Attractors

Jeff Clavier profiled [1 2 3 4] the companies who presented. Among the ones I liked (with commentary by Jeff):

Moobella: on-demand Linux-based remixable mashuped ice cream. I need to taste the final product when I visit the tent but the idea of a retail machine producing the ice cream you want in less than a minute is pretty interesting. First field tests coming in Chicago in 2006, and fund raising for retail deployment.

Digismart: miniature projection systems (go aussies) allowing you to display 11×17 images (from 3 feet) from a cell phone, PD3, MP3 players, etc. Raising $9.7M for development and deployment.

TinyPictures: CEO John Poisson introduces Radar, an application allowing users to share pictures with their friends from their mobile phones. It is an application that runs on standard Java-enabled camera phones. Based on a comment from the presenters, it sounds like MDV funded these guys.

Riya: Munjal Shah, Riyas co-founder and CEO, demonstrates Riyas photosearch functionality. Riyas secret sauce is its automatic extraction and recognition of faces. The collective wizdom is used by the system because as a user, I can benefit from the training sets of other users, and therefore not have to tag each and every photo I am uploading (I cant believe that I am part of the demo with a picture of me and Mike on the big screen). Much work has been done on the UI since the initial tests I have done. Rocks.

TagWorld (just funded by DFJ): a better version of MySpace according to Freddy Kruger, the CEO of the company, who mentions that 700K users have joined over the past 3 months. Oliver Muoto demos the new social classifieds and stores functionality released today, with with he lists a movie, and creates a store, in a couple of minutes. A very cool implementation of social networking, photosharing, social commerce,…

Kosmix: has developed technology to automatically categorize the web the first real innovation since PageRank (Anands claim :-). Kosmix crawls the web (3.2B pages indexed) and assigns a category to web pages (Health, Travel, Politics for now), which allows the company to deliver more accurate search solutions. Their technology can be used to quickly deploy vertical solutions, in a matter of weeks (where you can search less, and find more).

LocaModa: technology powering the web outside. Allows brands to connect with audiences in concerts, cafes, etc. by displaying on a large screen or a wb site messages received via emails/text messages or RSS. A second application enables consumers looking at a screen in the street to drive the content of that screen via a cell phone.

PayWi: a cell-phone based payment solution, eventually replacing credit cards. PayWi can be used for online and credit card payments, money transfers, checking account balances, Credit card information never leave the phone, and are secured with military grade encryption. More complex operation are possible with the platform.

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