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PaidContent has an interview with Jim Voelker, CEO, InfoSpace:

Q: What about advertising on mobiles? Ad listings? Ad-supported content?

A: We are bullish on mobile advertising (listings, ad-supported content, etc.). I think mobile advertising will take several forms, including a search-like form, where the user is looking for a local restaurant, finds it, calls it, and basically, conducts a transaction between the advertiser, InfoSpace and a carrier.

For more promotional kinds of advertising that is sometimes accompanied by a video, I usually point people to Web sites, such as ESPN with its InMotion, a short promo, maybe even just an image, that will come up before the piece of content to be consumed. So, I think real opportunities exist there.

As location-based services continue to roll out, we’ll see even more applications. We are very early in this game, maybe even too early. Once we start to understand how users behave when they are in certain places, you will see a lot of advertising opportunities develop.

Overall, I think there is a lot of excitement in the industry, but nobody knows exactly how it is all going to start or how specifically we’re going to get there, but everyone has a view on where the end will be.

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