Better Search

Fred Wilson writes:

Text search works well enough to be useful, but it doesnt work well.

And before we get close to perfecting text search, we are off to new horizons with audio search, video search, etc. Will Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Ask and others continue to invest in improving text search or move their efforts to searching other forms of media? I suppose the answer is both but clearly there is an impression among many that text search has been done and that impression is wrong.

I believe there is opportunity in improving text search, but few investors want to take on Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and others by backing another search company for good reasons.

What if we had an open source search engine that everyone working in and around the area of search could plug into? The companies working in tagging, shared searching, audio and video search could offer their results/indexes to the open source search engine so that their meta data could be considered in preparing the best results? Could this work? And what would the business models be for the companies supplying the meta data? And would consumers adopt such an engine?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.