Player-Controlled Content in Games

via Bill Bishop] Jess Mulligan writes:

What players have been stuck with for the last twenty years is an endless series of mostly static worlds, where the most dramatic change they can effect is usually to place a house on the terrain somewhere. Sometimes the developers will make changes to the world, occasionally even drastic changes, such as when the Live Team for Asheron’s Call replaced every creature in the game with a massive invasion of Olthoi, the game’s signature evil. For the most part, however, these changes are temporary and transitory. Heck, as developers, we spend most our time trying to create enough content to keep players busy, but no matter how much content we create, players eat it up in days.

But…what if things were different? What if a player could actually use an MMO’s world-building and mission-building tools to add lands and contribute to the story, as well as have dungeon master commands to lead those quests and adventures? What if players didn’t have to depend on developers for all content? The collective intelligence and creativity of thousands of players is an order of magnitude greater than that of one small team of developers; what might we see if the players have a chance to collaborate with the designers?

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