Connecting Communities

Marc Canter writes about it in the context of the upcoming PeopleAggregator:

– establishing relationships across networks Facebook does this already) – but just WITHIN the Facebook universe. Imagine if you could do that BETWEEN Ryze, LinkedIn, Tribe and Y! 360!

– sending messages between networks. That should be too hard. Private email networks were born on social networks to maintain privacy and to get away from all the spam. But nowadays its the social networks that are generating half the spam.

– joining a group of creating a group – across networks and DEFINITELY from your cell phone. So youre at a party, you wanna schedule a trip to the beach with a bunch of friends, some of who are on MySpace, others are Tribesters or Yahoosters. This feature and the ability to aggregate groups will prove to be key to getting this all accepted in the marketplace.

– posting between networks – this is kind of what OutputThis enables. Whether it be microcontent, blogs, media, people showcases, recipes – one shoudl be able to publish whatever they want – wherever they want.

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Rajesh Jain

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