IPTV’s Impact

Ramesh Jain writes:

IPTV is the convergence of communication, computing, and content. People commonly talk about the convergence of communication and computing. In terms of content, people are accustomed to thinking mostly in terms of text and blobs (where a blob could be any media item but it was considered an atomic entity for the information system). Even VoD considers Video to be a blob, not content like pages on the Web. So a three-hour video could be played as a three-hour video but there was no indexing or content-based access possible. In the new world, this wont be acceptable. Video content will also be stored and accessed at different levels of granularities based on its structure as well as semantics.

The major change required isnt really the infrastructure, however. Its making the tools robust yet easy to use. Internet culture will result in people starting to produce lots of video content for many different applications. The long tail effect will dominate this area also. People will start producing and placing videos on the Internet that they know will be used by only a limited number of other peoplein some cases maybe only five other people. This will happen, however, only if the production tools for editing video will allow people to capture and prepare video to put on the Internet as easily as they author Web pages.

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Rajesh Jain

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