The Real Personal Computer

Tom Foremski writes:

I’ve noticed lately that I feel more “personal” about my cell phone PDA and its data, than I do about my “personal computer.”

I’m quite comfortable to have my email and basic applications such as wordprocessing and publishing reside on my web host’s server somewhere out there, or on someone else’s server. But I want to keep my cell phone/PDA close to hand, which is not the way I used to feel about my PC and my cell phone–two of the most useful technologies ever created.

For example, Google will soon be able to offer integrated email, calendar, web publishing, news sources, wordprocessor, maps, search. . . with other services in the pipeline. That’s a compelling mix because it will be all pre-mashed, and drag-and-drop/share-or-not (DAD/SON).

And it all lives out in the cloud, and I can access it all from any computer–which makes any PC less of a “personal” computer. But my cell phone/PDA increasingly feels more personal–it is with me 24/7–and I can’t simply use someone else’s cell phone/PDA and access my phone’s data.

As I move more and more of my digital activities out onto the web, my cell phone/PDA grows more personal–but not my computer.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.