CyWorld America

Tomi Ahonen writes about CyWorld as it launches in the US:

CyWorld is probably the most advanced converged service around broadband internet, 3G mobile telecoms, videogaming and music.

So briefly for those who might not know what is CyWorld. It is the online virtual home (mini home page), similar to Habbo Hotel, in that you have a personalized room which you can decorate to your tastes. You get to make your own persona through a customizable avatar (online digital puppet) called a “minime”. So if you would like your room to be a clean white, minimalist, with some abstract art, and a grand piano. So be it. Another person may want to copy what the current real home is like. Someone may like the room to continuously change and evolve. Who likes bright colors, whatever. The same with the avatar. What color skin, what length hair, what dress, even what sex do you want your avatar to be. Your mini home page and your mini-me.

CyWorld is already used by a third of all Koreans. It is the world’s biggest mobile blogging service by users and revenues. It is a massive hit by the youngsters with over 90% of the under 20 year olds maintaining a minihomepage in CyWorld. CyWorld was already launched in China and has about a million paying users there.

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