Improving Search Engines

Knowledge@Wharton writes:

“Soon search will be included with TV programming,” predicted Bradley Horowitz, head of technology development for Yahoo’s search and marketplace group. “The channels of today are artifacts of the analog age. In the future, you will have billions of TV channels. There will be a Quentin Tarantino channel, so you can watch what he is watching. You will also have a friends-and-neighbors channel.” In addition, “there will be voice response in phones, so you can ask your phone a question.”

Another improvement — to both users’ results and companies’ bottom lines — will arrive with local search, i.e., searches confined to a single city or even neighborhood. “It’s going to be huge,” predicted Michael Brady of Fast Search & Transfer. “Yellow Pages are a $14 billion a year business in the U.S. All the direct mail you get now is soon going to be driven by local search.”

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