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Walter Mossberg writes about Cosmeo:

Doing school homework is often a task that incites groans, eye rolls and major frustration. And we’re just talking about parents. Kids and their parents, together, have long suffered through the anguish of trying to make sense of take-home assignments. Sometimes the student is confused, other times the parent is even more confused and in the worst cases both are lost.

This week, we tried a new Web-based learning service that aims to help with homework, marshaling a rich mix of video, audio, photos, text articles and step-by-step math instruction to make the job easier. It’s called Cosmeo, and it’s from the education division of Discovery Communications Inc., the big media company that owns the Discovery Channel, TLC and other cable TV networks.

Cosmeo (, which requires a paid subscription, was created with input from teachers and students and works with actual curriculum standards from every state in the country, except Iowa, which doesn’t use statewide curriculum standards. It grew out of a service Discovery runs that streams educational videos to schools, and works on both Windows and Macintosh computers, and in all major Web browsers.

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