Viral Adoption

David Beisel writes:

ve been thinking a bit recently about what truly makes an online service/service viral, and Ive come to a (very preliminary) conclusion that it rests on three variables:

1. How inherently sharable it is. If people like what they see or do, theyre going to want to communicate about it to others.

2. How easily sharable it is. Ive written before that friction is multiplicative its important to reduce friction before and after desire actions because conversation rates in a several step process multiply across the entire sequence as a whole. Therefore, the simpler it is to share a content or service (which includes the messaging about the steps, as well as the difficulty of the steps themselves), the better.

3. How integrated the sharing is into the content or the service. The more deeply imbedded the act of referring is into the product the product or service itself, the more natural is becomes to share it, as the user spreads recommendations simply by using the service or content itself.

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Rajesh Jain

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