Om Malik writes about Webaroo’s software which will make the Internet available offline.

Webaroo’s software takes advantage of the same technological trend that lets users carry their entire music collection and a season’s worth of television shows on their iPods: Ever-expanding hard drives. Laptops, too, now come with large hard drives, making it possible for Webaroo to download, compress, and store a library of what the company calls the “best subset of Web pages.”

With Webaroo, users can pick favorite Google searches and bookmarked websites to store for later retrieval. When a user’s machine is connected to the Internet, Webaroo downloads the bookmarked websites and links from the first couple of Google search result pages, and compresses the results. Mathur claims that his start-up has been able to shrink the publicly available information on the web by a factor of 25,000 into a 40-gigabyte file.

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Rajesh Jain

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