Edgeio and Craigslist

Bob Wyman writes:

Mike Masnick of Techdirt asked in a comment on Rob Huf’s blog at BusinessWeek: “What’s the benefit [of Edgio] over Craigslist or eBay?” Keith Teare of Edgio has already responded, but I think an essential and profoundly important point is being missed… The key difference between these three services can be found in how they get their data. Edgio is an “open” service that aggregates data which is openly published anywhere on the web while CraigsList and eBay are closed, wall-garden sites that only provide service to data that has been published within the confines and control of their “walled-gardens.”

Edgio is one of the first commercial services to leverage the extraordinary power of Structured Blogging and the “semantic web” by aggregating structured content published on any of the millions of blogs in the open web.

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Rajesh Jain

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