TECH TALK: Father to Son: April 19, 2005

This week on Wednesday, Abhishek turns one. Continuing what I began last year, here is my next letter to him.

Dear Abhishek,

Happy Birthday! It is hard to imagine you are one. (There are also times when it is hard to imagine that you are only one!) Youll be much older by the time you can read these letters, but I thought Id still continue the series so you have a little written record of your life and the world around.

I still remember clearly April 19, 2005. Bhavana (your mom) had had a difficult night. We went to the hospital around 8:30 am after a visit to the temple. I was quite sure that you still had time to be born and it was all just a false alarm there was still a week or so before you were due. Your mother wasnt so sure. (While we are at it, always remember this: your mother is always right. It took me many long years after our marriage to figure this out. It would have saved me a lot of trouble if I had realised this early enough!)

So, we were at Breach Candy hospital waiting for the doctor (the gynaecologist) to come. All seemed okay. Or so it seemed. When the doctor came, she took a look at your heartbeat and decided that the time had come. The doctors took Bhavana immediately to the operation theatre and half-an-hour later or so came the news that you had arrived into this world.

I had spent that waiting time writing my diary in the hospital. It was a bit sudden. While I had tried to prepare myself for a long time for your birth, I hadnt expected that it would happen so fast. Many thoughts crossed my mind. The trials and tribulations that we had gone through during the IVF treatment was mixed with the anticipated joy of seeing our own child. At that time, we didnt know whether we were going to have a boy or girl. But whatever it would be, I knew one thing youd be our only child.

And so when the nurse came and announced, Its a boy, I knew your name. You mother had thought about it a long time ago. Abhishek. (Just so you know, we didnt have a name thought up in case youd have been a girl.) I saw you a few minutes after you were born. You looked so skinny and red! I touched you. You were real! I was a father.

Tomorrow: Memories

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