TECH TALK: Father to Son: You and Me

Dear Abhishek,

You and I have an interesting relationship. I guess the real father-son bonding will take time. But I think youve figured out that I am your father at least youve started to say Pa-pa at times, though a little prodding is required. It doesnt come as naturally as Ma-Ma.

Leaving the syllables aside, we have a good time in the morning after you wake up. I take you into the toy room and we play there. My toy selection is rather poor I seem to buy the things Id like to play with rather than what you can play with! So, every morning now, I put together the Lego blocks and make new things (perhaps, reliving my own childhood), as you scamper around playing with the ball or trying to turn the pages of a book. It is quite obvious that you can manage fairly well on your own. That is, until I sit with my laptop.

That is when you decide that it is something which you just need to have. In spite of all my efforts to teach you to be gentle with the keyboard, you seem quite bent on attacking it. I had to stick back on one of the keys that you ripped out the other day. Luckily, it was just the [ key one that I dont need to use often! I even got you your own small computer but you are smart enough to figure out that its not the real thing.

This is still better than the situation a few months ago when you targeted my mobile phone. For what? Putting it in your mouth and licking it. And then throwing it to the ground when done. (Luckily, Nokia builds very sturdy phones!) Now, youve learnt to play with the keys on the mobile and even dial people. I dont know if you realise that it is your photo I have as the wallpaper.

We go to the temple every day (with your mother) after we are both done with breakfast. You love eating the rice that your mother uses as part of her worship at the temple. And you know she doesnt like it. So, you grab it, run away, and put it in your mouth, and then look at her with that mischievous smile. Its now become a game we both enjoy. Whats a few grains of rice between buddies?

Sometimes, I wonder what you understand and know. Or how you learn. Or what you are thinking. If only I could get a little peek into your little mind. But then thats the charm, I guess. Every so often, youll surprise me with what you can do. I look forward to coming home every evening and seeing a little different, a little unpredictable kid. And, you never let me down!

Over the past year, Ive learnt to use the mobile phone a lot. When you fall asleep at night, I have to sit next to you so your mother can attend to other work. Its a darkened room and your mother does not allow me to use the computer. So, Ive learnt to use my Internet-enabled Nokia 6630 a lot. I have read news, poems, and books on it as I have sat next to you. And in the process got innumerable ideas on what to do with the mobile!

It is probably an understatement to say that youve changed my life. When you are away (or I am travelling), I miss you a lot. The mobile has become a photo album. I have seen your photos since birth innumerable times. And I cannot get enough of you. You came to us with great difficulty and after a long time. That is why perhaps I now treasure the moments with you so much more.

Tomorrow: Another Birthday

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