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Ross Mayfield writes:

What are the alternatives to DRM with a viable business model for content producers in an increasingly decentralized market? A new media landscape is unfolding, where revenue leakage does not stem from theft, but competition from participatory models and co-opetition from aggregation models.

Participatory models can be exemplified by Craigslist, blogs and Wikipedia. Users directly generate the content. Craigslist serves as a datapoint of disruption ($10M in revenue while disrupting $60M ). Blogspace is generating it’s own media as conversation Wikipedia is a constructive community that collaborates to create content. Production on Craigslist is driven by both market and social signals, blogs and Wikipedia largely by social signals. The first monetizes a subset of potential posting fees, the latter is all about ME, as in Monetize Elsewhere or repetitional benefits. All benefit from superior production economies, if not arbitrage conditions between social incentives and markets or firms.

Aggregation models can be exemplified by Edgeio, simplyhired and Google.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.