Trends Underlying Enterprise 2.0

[via Ross Mayfield] Andrew McAfee writes:

Why is Enterprise 2.0 is an appealing reality now? Its not because of any recent technology breakthrough. Blogs, wikis, and RSS have been brewing since the 1990s, and folksonomies and AJAX since the early years of this decade. Is it just that technologists and entrepreneurs needed a bit of time to absorb all of elements and combine them into useful tools? Thats certainly part of the story, but focusing only on technology components risks missing the forest for the trees.

In particular, it misses three broad and converging trends, all of them concerning the changing relationship between those who offer technologies and those who use them. The trends are:

– Simple, Free Platforms for Self-Expression
– Emergent Structures, Rather than Imposed Ones
– Order from Chaos

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