Texting vs Calling

Tomi Ahonen writes:

Almost two thirds of the world’s mobile phone users are already active users of SMS text messaging – at 1.4 billion users (63% of 2.2 billion mobile phone users in the world today, May 2006) SMS text messaging is the most used data service on the planet, over twice the size of the second most popular data service – plain old e-mail, used only by 668 million people on the planet (and those 668 million people maintain 1.2 billion e-mail mailboxes, according to internet measurement specialists, Radicati). And for those into dollar numbers, SMS text messaging was worth 75 billion dollars of annual revenues in 2005 – thats about as much as total music sales, total hollywood box office revenues, and total videogaming software revenues – combined.

We’ve seen this kind of addictive behaviour in various Asian countries – the world’s leading countries for SMS use are the Philippines (averaging 15 text messages per day across all mobile phone users), with Singapore second, and South Korea third. In Europe the leading countries are Norway and Ireland, both averaging about 4 text messages per person per day. But now an “average” European country, the UK, shows the same trend.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.