TECH TALK: Four Blog Years: The Beginning

On May 9, this blog at completed four years. I have posted every day since I started. I wrote a Tech Talk midway during this period after completing Two Blog Years. I thought it is time for another look at the blog world and how that has helped shape my thinking about technology and entrepreneurship.

The blog began in May 2002. Like many others, I was inspired by Dave Winer. I had been writing a daily column on Tech Samachar for about eighteen months then. I would end up reading a lot to get those written. My motive for writing was that it forced me into a discipline of reading and thinking about a broad set of technology areas thus expanding my own horizons.

More fundamentally, writing is something I have always liked and done. When I was young (college days), I kept a daily diary. Every night, I would write a couple of hundred words on what happened during the day. It helped me reflect and get a bit of perspective as I was growing up. That habit continued somewhat infrequently during my IIT and US days. Now, I write out a diary page once a week or two in my notebook. I find that writing about the world as I see it helps me think better. There are times when I am very happy or very sad the writing helps me balance my emotions.

My love for technology writing found its first natural outlet in a fortnightly column I had started in Express Computer called Internauting in early 1996. I continued that for sometime on Indialine one of the IndiaWorld family of sites. You can find some of my early writings here (via the Internet Archive). I then started Tech Talk in November 2000 to ensure that I started reading and thinking about technology. The column was inspired by a Red Herring daily column (I dont recall the name now). I wanted it to be daily because it would then become as much a part of my life as it would for my readers. That philosophy continues to this date Tech Talk is published each weekday. It is a mix of my writings and those of others aggregated together on a theme.

When I came across the blog format in early 2002, I immediately liked it. The free flow of thoughts on ones own site appealed to me. But it took me a few months to make the decision to start my own blog I wanted to make sure that I could have something new daily. In that sense, it was more news-paperish because I wanted the blog to become a daily utility in the lives of my readers.

Today, there are a few thousand readers who read my blog either by coming to the site at, or in their RSS aggregators, or via email. I get 10-odd comments weekly from readers on the blog, and some write directly to me. Four years later, the blog is as much a part of my life as it is for some of you.

Tomorrow: How I Blog

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