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WSJ writes about personalised newspapers:

A new generation of Web start-ups is trying to address those drawbacks in different ways but with a common premise. These sites track the reading habits of their users as a whole, then use that data to make suggestions to individuals based on what others like them are reading. This communal news judgment can help ensure that readers don’t miss important stories outside their usual interests. And it can even help online news junkies decide which of the stories they choose to see are must-reads, and which can more safely be skipped.

One of these new sites is Rojo.com, owned by San Francisco-based Rojo Networks Inc. Rojo.com helps users find and organize RSS feeds. Instead of just having users plug in the feeds they know they want to read, Rojo asks new users to define their general interests and favorite sources first. During the sign-up process, users check boxes next to topics such as “News — top stories” and “Iraq/military bloggers.” Then they can choose from a list of big-name news sources. Rojo automatically subscribes new users to popular feeds that match their interests. Readers who already had a list of RSS feeds can have those displayed on the site as well.

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