Tech Alliances

WSJ writes about the eBay-Yahoo and Google-Dell deals:

The deals come amid growing ambitions of the Internet companies that increasingly have them encroaching on one another’s turf. Rivalries are building as Internet penetration in the U.S. has reached a mature, slower-growth phase. That augurs more battles over attracting and retaining current Internet users, who are increasing the time they spend online. At the same time, relationships among many Internet companies exist already, complicating rivalries and prospective alliances.

More scuffles for new alliances appear to already be underway. Google and Microsoft, for example, are competing to provide search technology and related advertising to News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media division, which includes the popular MySpace social networking site, according to people familiar with the matter. A Fox Interactive spokeswoman declined to comment. EBay itself could be a further object of heated courting by rivals. The Yahoo-eBay ad agreement is exclusive to the U.S., leaving open the possibility of eBay doing an ad deal with Google or Microsoft in Europe and Asia.

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