Wireless Future

Business 2.0 has a feature by Carlo Longino:

Technologies like Wi-Max could introduce more competition by eliminating the advantages that telephone and cable companies now enjoy thanks to ownership of the wires that deliver broadband into homes and offices. Unlike a Wi-Fi hotspot, which provides wireless access within a radius of just a few hundred feet, Wi-Max creates a wireless cloud big enough to cover several square miles.

“It’s hard to get excited by the technology as it exists now,” says James Enck, an analyst at Daiwa Securities SMBC Europe. “But when you look at everything that’s happening, it starts to get really interesting.”

Put simply, we’re on the cusp of a dramatic transformation that will extend far beyond the mere ability to download e-mail, photos, and webpages more quickly. Plentiful wireless bandwidth, coupled with more sophisticated mobile devices, will usher in a new generation of wireless tools and services.

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