Mobile Social networking

Business Week writes:

Just how big could mobile social networking get? This application’s usage could become “as big as online social networking,” says Dennis Crowley, founder of wireless social network Dodgeball, owned by Google. About 45% of active Web users have been to online social networking sites, according to a recent study by Nielsen/NetRatings. As MySpace expands beyond its core market of teens and young adults, “We expect penetration of MySpace mobile to match penetration of cell phones,” which are owned by 80% of Americans, says Digiaro. Mobile access could become even more prevalent outside of the U.S., where in some cases more people use cell phones than personal computers to surf the Web.

Indeed, it’s the cell phone, rather than the personal computer, that’s the constant companion for today’s hip and socially networked. Why wait till you get home to log onto the PC to tell your 20 closest personal friends about your date? Teens can use a network-friendly cell phone to relay stories, pictures, and videos instantaneously.

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Rajesh Jain

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