Ray Lane on Web 2.0

Business Week has an interview with Ray Lane of Kleiner Perkins:

At Podshow, a company I’m on the board of, they find user-generated podcasts, promote it on their network, and syndicate advertising into those podcasts. So it’s a consumer business. I’ve had them come and talk to a number of enterprises, and it’s funny. There are these glassy looks on the executives’ faces because they’re the senior CIO types who have no idea.

Then they get into it. They see this is going to be a more democratic, bottom-up process where people are blogging and podcasting and using social networks. They see that’s going to be a great way to communicate because more of their customers are not going to be listening to radio or watching TV. They’re not going to be reading magazines. The only way you can communicate with them is through these new media.

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