Why the US Leads in Tech

Sramana Mitra blogs about a talk given by Geoffrey Moore, who identified three reasons:

* Silicon Valley is very good at failing. Failing fast. Learning from failures. Using that learning to do new and different things. In any other place in the world, you get one chance, and if you fail, that carries a stigma for life, and you never get a second chance. Very powerful advantage.
* The US still has the best higher education system. Great universities.
* The US still has the most mature and best organized capital market.

These three, Geoff thought, could still help maintain the US lead.

On the negative side, he thought that the US has become very lazy. Weve had such a cushy life for so long, and during the boom years, things just became goofy. Faced with hungrier competition, this can become the defining factor for this century.

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Rajesh Jain

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