The Next Big Things

Fortune writes about a discussion amongst VCs at the Brainstorm conference:

Gary Rieschel, the founder of Qiming Venture Capital Partners, a firm focusing on early-stage companies in China, said that medical technology firms and energy start-ups in China are two areas that excite him the most.

Other VCs also raved about the prospects in China.

Kevin Fong, managing director of the Mayfield Fund, said that one of his most promising investments is in a company called Sports GG, which has developed a service that allows Chinese consumers to legally bet on sports using their cell phones.

“I am more interested in India than China,” said Aneel Bhusri of Greylock Partners. “People are so focused on China and I am surprised that they are not paying as much attention to India.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.