Om Malik writes:

The three-year-old company, has combined various technologies – Ajax, RSS, and what not – with open source platforms and has developed a web based application development environment.

Like Ning, Coghead is also a web application development environment. Those who are familiar with Ning know that the Palo Alto-based company has created an environment where almost anyone can clone-and-customize applications to create their own social networks, community sites or even bookmarking services. DabbleDB is another company that can be loosely placed in the same class of start-ups.

Coghead, on the other hand is targeting corporate work groups who need custom applications developed and have to outsource that work. In this environment the the traditional customer software development model doesnt make sense because it takes too long, says McNamara. On-demand is the best option, since it doesnt interfere with the existing IT infrastructure, says McNamara. We are going for smaller groups, and not the IT department.

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