SEraja and EventWeb

Ramesh Jain spent a week with the SEraja team in Bangalore. [Note: I am an investor in SEraja.] We are working to bring the EventWeb to life in the company. Ramesh writes:

It is clear that events play important role in many aspects of computer science. But Seraja is developing its service to bring events of interest to consumers. Commonly when people talk about events, they think about the calendar of events. Calendars capture events of interest and importance, but that is only one type. Many events are not planned they just happen. Most News is concerned with such events. All aspects of unscheduled events may become of great interest and may give rise to many more unscheduled events. Last weeks blasts in Mumbai are a good example of that. This event has shaken up the whole country and has been the main topic of attention in printed as well as TV News. While considering events, one can not ignore such events.

Another very important aspect is that events in isolation are of value, but their value increases exponentially if one could create a web of events. The networking effect is more powerful in events than in pages of documents. The WWW is the result of creating explicit links to lead to the Web of pages. These links were explicit links. Lately many techniques are being explored to find and use implicit links among pages. Utilization of such implicit links will increase further the power and utility of the Web.

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Rajesh Jain

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